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英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强

2017-07-15 08:27:18 来源:春门时尚网


英国时尚杂志《ICON》致力于打造时尚美容领域第一杂志品牌,杂志创办以来深受ICON (UK)用户喜欢,杂志发行量为ICON (UK)行业领头羊!特别是在美容方面,他们具有更多的发言权,因为他们专注此领域已经很多年了,每年都会发布护肤品,洗发水,面膜,洗面奶等排行榜,深受英国和欧美美女的信赖。下面春门时尚就原封不动的为大家翻译过来,喜欢的朋友收藏起来吧。

This is a versatile mask, whether it is dark aging, Anti Wrinkle Repair, moisturizing, a mask can be all taken. A mask is black bottle essence equivalent to half a bottle inside, and jelly texture can firmly lock the essence, do not waste, absorption are particularly fast! Used every time I feel like skin reborn! White and delicate, not coated with any other products also insist on the use of OK! Can be found in his face the scars are gone, the pores are gone, the face of the small fine lines begin to fade, the skin also brighten a degree!

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强



Snail skin mask

This is a China from Henan's natural snail dope mask, natural climate condition in the Yellow River basin of Henan, gave birth to a snail dope of the superior quality, France and Sweden, the snail products are Henan the company provides snail material, visible snail dope them is how high, known as the golden snail dope skin. Is the best natural raw materials to repair the skin, moisturizing whitening is more delicate for a long time, this is the reason why European and American actress then love snail dope.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强

CLARINS V face mask

The main function is face lift, but this is the common dream of all girls ~ face lift is really good, with the hand massage will make the skin more compact. The effect of getting rid of edema is also very good and can also be used as a first-aid mask.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强


SK2 boyfriend mask

Known as the former boyfriend will turn back after the SK2 pitera essence mask is also a highly intensive repair mask. Full cream will make people feel surprise! The replenishment effect of super praise, youpi girl finished enough to wash the best advice. Restoration efforts are also very impressive, with a piece after the face of acne, acne, sunburn has almost disappeared, looked at his tender face what rare ex boyfriend ah.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强
号称用了之后前男友会回头的SK2 pitera精华面膜也是一款修复力度极高的面膜。满满的精华也会让人感觉到惊喜!补水效果超级赞,油皮妹子建议敷完最好洗一下。修复力度也非常可观,用了一片之后脸上的粉刺、痘痘、晒斑几乎都消失了,看着自己嫩嫩的脸还稀罕什么前男友呀。

La mer eight minutes first aid mask

Listen to the name to know is a repair mask! This mask can also be used as a sleep mask to use, make it naturally absorbed by the skin, wake up on the second day you will find your skin tender and bright, long-term use can dilute the skin of India, pigmentation etc.. If there is less about temporary then skin, it can take it out in front of the emergency.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强

La mer八分钟急救面膜

Estee Lauder little brown bottle intensive repair mask

This is also known as the Estee Lauder iron man mask, because silver texture make the mask looks very cool, and this design is to make the mask faster into the skin inside. This mask anti-aging effect is very good, with the face of the nasolabial folds wrinkles is very effective, can also cause skin, make the skin more flexible duangduang.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强


CPB key to skin repair skin mask

CPB can appear in mask rankings in part because of its emergency function, when your skin condition worse, apply a sleep a night, feel the skin condition obviously recovered, this mask is suitable for emergency, the so-called good soon go fast, the skin state is good don't keep the.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强

HR prodigy mask

The mask list we can see Helena prodigy mask figure. This mask moisturizing and compact skin, the effect is good, mainly for the use of partial mature muscle, just put on the face when there will be a slight tingling, sensitive muscle careful with people.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强

poetry Black Tea anti wrinkle Firming Mask

Can effectively help purify pores, deep cleansing, and improve the secretion of excess oil magic mask, after use, the skin showing a delicate, smooth and clean.

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强


OLAY new plastic Yan wrinkle mask

OLAY whitening mask help inhibit melanosome transfer and dilute the stain, make skin white uniform. Into a new elegant fragrance, with stretch mask design unique, let you fully enjoy the fun of skin care. An innovative stretch mask designed to fit the contours of the face to fit the entire face, which provides higher pressure and helps the whitening essence to absorb the skin more effectively. 

英国时尚杂志ICON权威发布 安全好用面膜排行榜10强








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